Laos Patuxai Travel Information


Laos Patuxai Description:

Patuxai is a war memorial commemorating Laotians who died in combat.

Modeled after the Arc De Triomphe in Paris, the Patuxai is a concrete structure with four arched gateways adorned with traditional Laotian designs and sculptures. The monument rests in the center of a roundabout lined with palm trees. A shallow reflecting pool with dancing fountains rings the structure.

Walking through the archways gives visitors access to Patuxai’s upper levels via two staircases. A visitors’ center occupies the second floor of the structure, and the third contains a museum that’s worth a look, but the real draw to the structure is the views of the city from the four corner towers.

The Patuxai monument was completed in 1968 using money and materials donated by the U.S. government to build a new airport. This small slight by the former royal government of Laos earned the structure the nickname “The Vertical Runway.”

Best Time to Visit Laos Patuxai:

Laos’s weather is generally the best between November and May during the dry season. June is marked by elevating temperatures and increased chances of sudden rains that continue into October.

How to get to Laos Patuxai:

Patuxai is located in a roundabout in the middle of Lane Xang Road not far from the Presidential Palace in Vientiane’s business district. Guests on our luxury tours of Laos can reach the monument in a private vehicle with their English speaking guide while touring the city of Vientiane.

Laos Patuxai Highlights:

Patuxai is an intriguing blend of French architecture and Laotian style. The manicured park grounds and beautiful lotus pools make for an excellent stroll in the afternoons, but the real draw is the view of Vientiane from the four towers.

Appropriate Attire:

Dress in light clothing, and wear a pair of good shoes to make the climb up the stairs to Patuxai’s tower.