Tham Kong Lo Travel Information


Tham Kong Lo Description:

Tham Kong Lo (Kong Lor) is a winding cave passage cut by the Nam Hin Bun River in the Phu Hin Bun National Park.

The nearly two-mile-long cave features natural karst limestone formations, and must be navigated by motorized boat. The ceilings stretch as high as 300 feet above the water in parts of the Tham Kong Lo creating strange and beautiful echoes in the vacant darkness.

While most of the cave is dark and seldom visited by humans, a few sections have been developed as landings where travelers can disembark from their boats and explore the limestone columns in the amber glow of floodlights. The cave opens into a small hidden valley shrouded by mountains that makes for a great place to for a picnic after a short hike around the groves of trees that fill the area.

Best Time to Visit Tham Kong Lo:

The months between November and May have the best sightseeing weather in this region of Laos. Warmer weather comes in with June, and the temperatures remain higher until October. The second half of the year has higher chances of daily rain showers, which revive the rivers and streams, and make the region’s foliage particularly verdant.

How to get to Tham Kong Lo:

The Tham Kong Lo Caves, often called Kong Lor Caves, are in the Phu Hin Bun National Park in Khammuan Province south of the Laos’s capital of Vientiane. Our guests typically reach the area after leaving from Vientiane in a private vehicle then board a private boat to explore the caves.

Tham Kong Lo Highlights:

The Tham Kong Lo cave is well off the beaten path, and one of the most spectacular secrets of Laos. It’s a rare place still largely untouched by travelers that provides guests on our luxury tours of Laos with a unique experience in the pristine Phu Hin Bun National Park.

Appropriate Attire:

Dress for weather in clothing you don’t mind getting a little wet during the boat cruise and cave explorations, and make sure to wear a pair of good shoes for the hike through the hidden valley and exploring the caves.