Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival Tour


What is Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival?

The Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival is a yearly event honoring a debaucherous nature spirit that was incorporated into Myanmar’s animist infused flavor of Buddhism.

When King Anawrahta adopted Buddhism as the state religion of the Kingdom of Pagan in the 11th century, he was unable to stamp out the animist spirit worship that was engrained in Burmese culture, and added 37 spirits called Nats to the Buddhist scriptures in the kingdom to be worshipped as minor deities that followed the Buddha’s teachings.

Ko Gyi Kyaw is the spirit that presides over vice, and this yearly festival features a number of ancient traditional plays, dances, and songs devoted to the minor deity.

When is Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival?

Festival dates in Myanmar are decided by a traditional Buddhist lunar calendar. The shifting nature of the calendar means that holidays fall on different dates from year to year. If you’re interested in experiencing the Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival, one of our Travel Specialists can help make the appropriate arrangements for your timely arrival.

Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival Highlights:

Cultural enthusiasts will not want to miss the colorful dances and plays performed during the festival.

Where is Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival Celebrated?

The Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival is held in the small town of Razagyo to the southwest of Mandalay in Central Myanmar. Guests on our luxury tours of Myanmar can reach the area in one of our private vehicles.

Appropriate Attire:

Western-style clothing choices are appropriate for this festival.