Myanmar can be bewildering to the first time visitor. Foreign influences (and encounters) have been shaping Myanmar for thousands of years, and the rituals and behaviours you'll encounter are usually a result of many millennia worth of cultural evolution.

Buddhism thrives in Myanmar. Golden stupas, towering pagodas, smiling images of the Buddha, ancient temple cities, and more await your exploration.

Myanmar is a land of tradition. British colonization did little the change the centuries old practices of Myanmar’s mostly Buddhist people. Our guests have marvellous opportunities to experience ancient rituals and rites in some of Myanmar’s most sacred places.

Discover Myanmar from the thousands of temples on the Bagan plain to the stunningly pristine beaches and craggy karst formations of the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea.

Revel in unspoiled natural beauty. Myanmar is a pristine piece of Southeast Asia packed with deep forests teeming with diverse wildlife. Buddhism in Myanmar is heavily influenced by ancient animist traditions, and many the country’s people profess spiritual connections to the land’s stunning beauty.

Visa & other Information

This information refers to the pre-pandemic Visa process. Tourist Visa’s are currently not available. We expect things to revert to a process similar to what is given here once Myanmar reopens for tourism.

The Myanmar visa has 90-day validity from the date of issue. It is a simple online process using the link below that you will want to do at the appropriate time as detailed above.