Myanmar Destinations

Most of Myanmar’s cities are a vibrant combination of traditional indigenous architecture, colonial British structures, ancient Buddhist temples and ruins, and modern construction. Each step down the broad, shady lanes of Myanmar’s cities seems to propel travelers through time and back as they stroll between ancient Buddhist temples and European-style structures dating back to the mid-19th century.

Myanmar’s larger cities are usually combinations European grid designed streets created by British colonial architects in the 18th century punctuated by the living remains of much older cities and civilizations. Modern development in recent decades has seen an increase in Western style building construction, and the addition of skyscrapers to the skylines of many of Myanmar’s larger population centers.

We have only listed cities that are included in the itineraries of our tours, and many major cities and potential places of tourist interest have been left out. For guests building their own tours and needing information on cities not listed here, please mention that in the comments section of your tour inquiry form.

Myanmar destinations