Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival Tour


What is Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival?

The Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival is a three month long pilgrimage festival in Myanmar.

Buddhist traditions in Myanmar claim that Gautama Buddha visited the country after attaining enlightenment on a mission to spread his philosophical teachings. At the request of a local king, the religious leader left a set of footprints marking his arrival and departure from Myanmar for the local population to worship. The footprints were cast in gold and then enshrined in the Shwe Settaw Pagoda.

The Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival is celebrated for three months as pilgrims come from across Myanmar to participate in merit-making rituals and worship the Buddhist shrine that encases a pair of golden foot prints said to be cast from impressions left by the religious leader over 2,000 years ago. During the festival period, the grounds on either bank of the Mann River fill with merchant stalls selling hand crafted goods and local delicacies. Throughout each day, Buddhist monks lead prayer rituals for the thousands of attendees that make the pilgrimage in colorfully adorned native costumes.

When is Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival?

The Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival usually falls between February and April. Myanmar festival dates are determined using an ancient Buddhist lunar calendar. Dates for festivals often shift considerably each year, and our Travel Specialists can help guests on our Myanmar tours make the appropriate arrangements to reach the Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival.

Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival Highlights:

One of Myanmar’s most important pilgrimages should not be missed by cultural enthusiasts. The festival grounds around the temple and river hum with activity and a celebratory air during the months-long festival, and leave guests on our luxury tours of Myanmar with a lasting impression of Myanmar’s thriving Buddhist culture.

Where is Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival Celebrated?

The Shwe Settaw Pagoda is located near the city of Magwe in Western Myanmar. The best way to reach the area is departing from Myanmar’s capital city of Naypyitaw in a private vehicle.

Appropriate Attire:

It’s best to dress in clothes that cover shoulders to knees when visiting sights of Buddhist religious importance.