Shwe Kyin Light Festival Tour


What is Shwe Kyin Light Festival?

The Shwe Kyin Light Festival is a daylong event celebrated on the Shwe Kyin Creek.

This bustling celebration starts at dawn as the waters of the Shwe Kyin creek begin to hum with activity. Throughout the day, men’s and women’s teams participate in boat races along the creek punctuated by floating shows of traditional Burmese dances and songs performed on boats for the spectators that line the banks.

As night falls, thousands gather on the water’s edge to float tiny candles inside paper lanterns down the Shwe Kyin Creek in a ritual believed to bring good fortune. As the evening continues, displays of fireworks light up in the night sky above thousands of floating candles.

When is Shwe Kyin Light Festival?

The Shwe Kyin Light Festival usually falls in October, but the lunar calendar used to select festival dates in Myanmar can shift the celebration several weeks along with the phases of the moon. Advance planning is necessary to ensure timely arrival on a luxury tour of Myanmar. Our Travel Specialists can confirm the appropriate dates to attend the Shwe Kyin Light Festival while developing your custom tour itinerary.

Shwe Kyin Light Festival Highlights:

The bustling atmosphere, celebratory mood, beautiful light show, and thrilling performances and boat races at the Shwe Kyin Light Festival are a wonderful opportunity for cultural enthusiasts to experience a traditional festival in Lower Myanmar.

Where is Shwe Kyin Light Festival Celebrated?

The festival is held on the water and along the banks of the Shwe Kyin Creek that boarders the village of Shwe Kyin. The area can be reached overland in from Yangon in a private vehicle with a chauffeur.

Appropriate Attire:

Western-style clothing options are fine to attend this water festival in, but it’s best to wear something you don’t mind getting wet as the entire event takes place on the waters of the Shwe Kyin.