Taung Pyone Spirit Festival Tour


What is Taung Pyone Spirit Festival?

The Taung Pyone Spirit Festival is a traditional celebration venerating Myanmar’s animist spirits called Nats.

Buddhism in Myanmar is heavily infused with the worship of animist spirits called Nats. These shamanistic deities act as a pantheon of supernatural saints that can bring good luck or ill fortune to humans in Myanmar’s Theravada Buddhist culture. During the celebration, a group of men known as spirit mediums are said to form powerful bonds with this spirits and act out their desires.

To summon the spirits the spirit mediums lead huge throngs of pilgrims in ritualistic songs and dances in a giant revelry meant to please the debaucherous Nats, who above all else seem to love a good party. The spirit mediums dance through the crowds of people in town accepting token gifts of money and alcohol accompanied by a traditional drum and cymbal orchestra.

When is Taung Pyone Spirit Festival?

The Taung Pyone Spirit Festival is usually held in August. Festival dates in Myanmar are chosen using a traditional lunar calendar, and exact times of religious holidays can shift several weeks between years. If you’re interested in visiting the Taung Pyone Spirit Festival we can confirm appropriate dates and make appropriate arrangements as additions to your luxury tour of Myanmar.

Taung Pyone Spirit Festival Highlights:

The Taung Pyone Spirit Festival gives culture loves a rare glimpse into animist traditions rarely practiced in the modern world. It’s simply a must-see for the season.

Where is Taung Pyone Spirit Festival Celebrated?

The festival takes place in the town of Taung Pyone near Mount Popa. The area is best reached overland in a private vehicle departing from Mandalay.

Appropriate Attire:

It’s best to wear modest clothing while attending religious events.