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The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu has been the melting pot of diverse faiths and cultures for centuries. As the cultures merged, art and architecture flourished on the loom of tranquillity. The result is a land, which has the distinction of having more temples than homes and where the numbers of festivals exceed the number of days in a year!!

Till the middle of the 20th century Kathmandu remained an elusive and unwelcoming capital. As the prayer wheels spun with the passage of time, so did the attitude towards tourists. Today, it welcomes tourists from far and away. It has a kaleidoscope of activities available to satisfy the diverse needs and aspirations of the much welcome tourist. Kathmandu today is the hub centre of Nepal’s tourist circuit, whether you want to test your physical endurance by challenging the Himalayas or find peace of mind amidst the wind swept prayer flags, Kathmandu has the answer.

The whole valley with its seven heritage sites has been listed as a cultural World Heritage Site. This heritage site comprises of three cities, two Buddhist stupas and two Hindu temples. Past and present blend in Kathmandu gracefully, giving the tourist all modern facilities possible. Kathmandu is not big when one compares it with other cities in South Asia, but it is old. The earliest known record of Kathmandu dates back to 185 AD and the oldest building in Kathmandu has weathered1992 cold Himalayan winters.

The magic of Kathmandu lies in the pagodas, the narrow cobbled lanes, old carved windows, stone shrines, cheerful hardy people, magnificent vistas, monasteries and temples. Come and experience inner peace and tranquillity amidst the snow clad Himalayan peaks, in Kathmandu.

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