The Great Buddha of Ang Thong Travel Information


Great Buddha of Ang Thong Description:

The Great Buddha of Ang Thong is the largest statue in Thailand. Just over 300 feet tall, and about 200 feet wide, the golden statue is about three feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty.

The tallest statue in Thailand was completed in 2008, and sits on a plinth in Wat Muang Monastery’s manicured grounds. The monastery is also home to Hell Park, a group of statues depicting the torments that await Buddhist sinners.

Since the statues completion in recent years, Ang Thong has seen an increase in religious pilgrims and tourists visiting the area on luxury tours of Thailand.

Best Time to Visit Great Buddha of Ang Thong:

Travelers on tours of Thailand usually visit Ang Thong during the cooler season running November thru February.

Rains in July and August make booking and fairs cheaper for international travelers in Thailand.

How to get to Great Buddha of Ang Thong:

Located just a few miles outside of Ang Thong town in Ang Thong province, Thailand, The Great Buddha can be easily accessed using private car service, and is an easy stop to make for travelers on tours in Thailand as they head north to Chiang Mai’s hill country.

Great Buddha of Ang Thong Highlights:

A growing attraction for the religious devout and the uninitiated alike, The Great Buddha of Ang Thong is a great stop for travelers of all stripes to stretch their legs on the road north out of Bangkok.

Appropriate Attire:

The Buddha image sits on sacred ground, and travelers should dress modestly by covering their shoulders, arms, and legs while on temple grounds.