Phuket Fantasea Travel Information


Phuket Fantasea Description:

Phuket Fantasea mixes the flashy lights and sounds of a Las Vegas style dinner show with the cultural heritage of Thailand.

Featuring a multitude of live performances, animal shows, dancing, a carnival-style game area, and a massive dinner buffet, Fantasea's blend of Eastern culture and Western showmanship make the park a hot stop on itineraries for Thailand luxury tours.

The park's white tigers, who sit majestically in marble enclosures, are especially popular with children, and the many games and activities in the area make for a great evening outing.

Best Time to Visit Phuket Fantasea:

The venue is open year round, but especially busy during the high season starting in November and running through the end of January.

Open from 6 p.m to 11 p.m., there are generally two nightly shows available.

How to get to Phuket Fantasea:

A stone's throw from Kamala's beach on the western shores of Phuket Island, travelers on Thailand luxury tours can easily access the complex using a private car service.

Phuket Fantasea Highlights:

Fit for the whole family, children are especially enthusiastic about seeing the animal shows with numerous elephants, and Fantasea's complex has a tiger enclosure that draws many squeals of delight from the children of guests on tours of Thailand.

A gleaming representation of Thai heritage, Fantasea's nightly shows use a replica of a palace as a stage, and the shining lights and sparkling gold costumes draw gasps of wonder from the entire family.

Appropriate Attire:

A family centered evening event, it's best to dress modestly if you're attending.