The Tiger Temple Travel Information


Tiger Temple Description:

Founded in 1994, The Tiger Temple (Wat PhaLuang Ta Bua) in Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand was to be a forest temple.

That changed in 1999 when an orphaned tiger cub (presumably saved from poachers) was brought to the temple grounds. It was just the first of what would be many orphaned tigers that would come to call the temple home in the next decade.

Today, about 100 tigers reside on the forest temple’s grounds. The tigers have been raised and handled by the monks and volunteers since birth to be docile,but are still chained for safety purposes.

Visitors have the chance to view the temple’s staff train and care for the animals. Guests can help feed and play with the cubs, wash and walk the adolescents, and those that dare to do so may even have their picture taken with an adult tiger’s head in their lap.

The friendly felines in Tiger Temple make this is one of the most visited tourist destination on luxury tours of Thailand.

Best Time to Visit Tiger Temple:

March and May are marked by the area’s highest temperatures, and the rains fall heaviest in July and August. The even temperatures and clear skies make October through February the best time to visit the area.

How to get to Tiger Temple:

Not far from Thailand's western border with Myanmar, The Tiger Temple is best accessed via private car from nearby Kanchanaburi Town.

Tiger Temple Highlights:

Animal lovers and travelers with an adventurous bent clamor for the chance to pet, walk, feed, and care for these majestic creatures.

Appropriate Attire:

The temple recommends visitors refrain from wearing bright yellow or red clothing, and glittering jewelry that could irritate the tigers.