Wat Pho Travel Information


Wat Pho Description:

Adjacent to Bangkok’s Grand Palace, Wat Pho houses the famous Reclining Buddha of Thailand.

While the Reclining Buddha dwarfs the other religious icons -- the statue is a little over 150 feet long and 15 feet high -- there is a wealth of historic and religious items for travelers on luxury tours of Thailand to enjoy.

The massive grounds of Wat Pho cover some 000,000 square feet and house almost enumerable Buddha statues, stupas and shrines housing the ashes of royalty, monks, and a few said to contain remains of Lord Buddha.

Wat Pho has also been the epicenter for learning Thai Massage since King Rama III made the temple a public learning institution in the early 19th century to preserve ancient medical techniques.

Best Time to Visit Wat Pho:

The rains in July and August will do little to quell the number of guests at this busy religious and educational temple, but most visitors on tours in Thailand come through between November and February to enjoy the balmy weather as they walk through the grounds.

How to get to Wat Pho:

Adjacent to the Grand Palace in Bangkok’s historic Rattanakosin cluster of districts, Wat Pho can be accessed easily using private car service, or Bangkok’s modern rail systems.

Wat Pho Highlights:

Wat Pho is a grand excursion for anyone visiting Bangkok, and its proximity to other tourism spots within Bangkok’s historic area mean it’s an easy sight to visit regardless of your itinerary plans.

Appropriate Attire:

A working monastery, travelers entering Wat Pho should cover their shoulders, arms, and legs as a sign of modesty while on the temple grounds. Certain areas will also require you to remove your shoes upon entrance.