Ben Thanh Market Travel Information


Ben Thanh Description:

Of the seemingly endless number of markets in Ho Chi Minh City, the Ben Thanh Market is the liveliest. Centrally located in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1, Ben Thanh is the largest and most vibrant shopping experience the city has to offer.

During the day, the former French colonial building houses stalls filled with silk fabrics, locally grown produce, and hand crafted lacquerware. Pet shops, jewelers, florists, and tailors can all be found inside the building’s winding corridors bursting with goods.

While Ben Thanh is an excellent excursion during the daylight hours, the Ben Thanh Night Market that sprouts up around the building as the sun sets is Ho Chi Minh’s most renowned market. Small stalls lit by florescent lights are quickly erected, and a massive variety of goods are put on display in short order. Visitors can find a deal on everything from Vietnamese cuisine to designer shoes as long as they’re willing to spend some time bargaining.

There is a plethora of open-air eateries that open specifically for the Ben Thanh Night Market’s customers where excellent local dishes can be sampled for a pittance.

Best Time to Visit Ben Thanh:

The Ben Thanh Market opens at 6 a.m. and runs until 6 p.m. The Ben Thanh Night Market springs up outside the building starting at 6 p.m. and continuing late into the night.

How to get to Ben Thanh:

The Ben Thanh Market is centrally located in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1. Guests on our luxury tours of Vietnam reach the area with a guide inside a private vehicle with a chauffeur.

Ben Thanh Highlights:

Shoppers looking for bargains and a place to test their haggling skills need look no further than the Ben Thanh Markets.

Appropriate Attire :

Western-style clothing choices are fine to wear inside the market.