Demilitarized Zone Travel Information


Demilitarized Zone Description:

Vietnam’s former Demilitarized Zone was a 50 mile stretch of land roughly in the center of the country that served as a dividing line between North Vietnam and South Vietnam after the First Indochina War ended in 1954.

The DMZ was formed after the French controlled State of Vietnam in the south reached a truce with the communist-led independence movement in the northern portion of the country called the Viet Minh.

During the 1955 to 1975 Vietnam War, sometimes called the Second Indochina War, the DMZ served as a marker dividing the communist Northern Vietnamese territory from the Southern Vietnamese region backed by Western nations.

Some of the bloodiest battles in Vietnam’s history took place in the hills and jungles to the south of the DMZ. Battle grounds like Ben Hai, Vin Moc, and Khe Sanh have small museums chronicling the area’s involvement in the war.

Best Time to Visit Demilitarized Zone:

The best weather to visit Central Vietnam falls between October and March when the temperature is warm. From May until September the temperature steadily increases in the region, but frequent rain fall cools the area considerably in the mornings and evenings.

How to get to Demilitarized Zone:

The DMZ is about 50 miles from the city of Hue in Central Vietnam. Guests enjoying one of our luxury tours of Vietnam can reach the area using the country’s modern road network with our private vehicle service.

Demilitarized Zone Highlights:

The majority of military outposts from the war have been removed by conservation and reforestation efforts that have turned what was one of the world’s most heavily armed and armored pieces of land into a mostly quiet pastoral scene. One of our knowledgeable tour guides helps travelers understand the importance of this small tract of land in the center of Vietnam.

Appropriate Attire:

Western style clothing selections are fine to wear while visiting the DMZ, but a good pair of shoes is recommended as some light hiking will be in order to fully appreciate the area.