Fine Arts Museum Travel Information


Fine Arts Museum Description:

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is a national repository created in 1962 to collect, inventory, conserve, and display artistic works from ancient sculptures to contemporary paintings.

Housed in a French colonial structure from the 1930s originally created as a girls’ dormitory and school, the Fine Arts Museum contains some 50,000 square-feet of exhibitions in a series of breezy corridors.

The Fine Arts Museum’s collection includes detailed exhibits of Vietnamese lacquer and silk paintings, wood block prints and carvings, and various folk art and crafts from the country’s diverse population of indigenous peoples. The museum’s top floors contain a bevy of prehistoric artifacts and sculptures, and there are artistic works inspired by the numerous conflicts that have taken place in and around the country in the last century.

Best Time to Visit Fine Arts Museum:

Temperate weather makes Hanoi a busy, year-round destination for sightseers. From February through April the days are often humid with a possibility of light rain. The ambient temperature rises steadily between May and August along with increased chances of short showers. Between September and November the weather is balmy and dry. The cooler months, December to January, might require a light jacket in the evenings and early mornings.

How to get to Fine Arts Museum:

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum can be found in Hanoi’s Old Quarter near the Temple of Literature. Guests on our luxury tours of Vietnam can easily reach Hanoi’s Old Quarter via our private vehicle service while sightseeing in the city.

Fine Arts Museum Highlights:

Hanoi’s Old Quarter is an architectural treat with plenty of sightseeing opportunities. The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum located in the historic French colonial district can provide eye-opening perspective for the country’s rich history, and should not be missed while traveling the through area on a Vietnam tour.

Appropriate Attire :

Western-style clothing options are perfectly fine inside the museum.