Mekong Delta Travel Information


Mekong Delta Description:

The Mekong Delta encompasses the southern tip of Vietnam.

A lush area fed by the Mekong River, the Mekong Delta is an ecologically diverse region brimming with life. Some 10,000 species of animals have been discovered inhabiting the Mekong Delta, making it one of the world’s greatest biological treasures.

The delta forms a rough triangle to the west of Ho Chi Minh City. It’s predominate feature is fertile flood plains ringed by hills. The sediment rich soil and lack of vegetation (the area is Vietnam’s least forested) makes the Mekong Delta Vietnam’s bread basket. Nearly 50 percent of the land used to cultivate rice in Vietnam is found in the Mekong Delta. Nearly half of Vietnam’s fishing vessels can be found trolling the rich waters that surround the delta.

The area was once part of the Khmer Empire, and sports the largest concentration of Khmers outside Cambodia’s borders. The Mekong Delta region is known for a form of folk opera called Cai Luong.

Best Time to Visit Mekong Delta:

The Mekong Delta is best explored between December and April when the weather is warm and dry. High temperatures start in May and continue into November, but afternoon showers that lower the temperature a common during this time of the year.

How to get to Mekong Delta:

The Mekong Delta spreads across 15,000 square miles west of Ho Chi Minh City. Travelers enjoying our Myanmar tours reach the area in a private vehicle before departing on their river cruise.

Mekong Delta Highlights:

Guests traveling with us on luxury tours of Myanmar get to experience a wonderful cruise along the Mekong River and Delta that explores beautiful orchards, gardens, and pristine islets. It’s a relaxing excursion that should not be missed.

Appropriate Attire :

Dress in light clothing that you don’t mind getting a little wet while exploring the beautiful Mekong Delta.