Museum of Ethnology Travel Information


Museum of Ethnology Description:

Vietnam has 54 distinct ethnic groups inside its borders. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology was created as a research center and public museum to preserve the unique cultures of the country’s diverse ethnic groups through a dedicated program of research, conservation, documentation, and exhibition of the nation’s varied cultures.

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology was built over a period of 10 years, and contains both indoor and outdoor exhibits showcasing Vietnam’s ethnic and cultural diversity.

The indoor portions of the museum hold a stunning collection of artifacts, slides, photographs, and audio/video recordings. The artifacts range from priceless antiques to common, everyday items like knives and pipes, which are organized into collections depending on their ethnographic origins. The Museum of Ethnology has 54 distinct collections; one for each of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups.

The outdoor portion of the museum is a repository of native architecture. There are numerous traditional housing models on display including a long-house from the Ede people, a stilt-house from the Tay people, and a tile-roofed structure from the Viet people. The outdoor area is a park-like area with copses of trees and several trails snaking across a small stream. The museum’s curators have plans to add additional housing structures to the outdoor displays.

Best Time to Visit Museum of Ethnology:

Temperate weather year-round makes Hanoi an excellent sightseeing destination regardless of the time of year. From February to April the temperatures in Hanoi are warm, and the atmosphere is often humid. Temperatures rise from May to August during the hottest part of the year until the fall, September to November, when returning rains cool the city. Between December and January the city is usually cool and dry.

How to get to Museum of Ethnology:

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is about 3 miles from the center of Hanoi. Guests traveling on our luxury tours of Vietnam can access the museum by using our chauffeured vehicle services to navigate the city streets with ease.

Museum of Ethnology Highlights:

Vietnam is an ethnically and culturally diverse destination with a plethora of indigenous peoples that are often overlooked by travelers on Vietnam tours. Visiting the Museum of Ethnology offers our guests a wonderful opportunity to gain cultural insights into this diverse travel destination.

Appropriate Attire :

Western-style clothing choices are appropriate inside the museum. While traveling in Vietnam, it’s always a good idea to keep a rain jacket handy as sudden and brief rain showers are common throughout most of the year.