Quan Thanh Temple Travel Information


Quan Thanh Temple Description:

Quan Than (Quan Vu) Temple is an 11th century Taoist temple in Hanoi. It’s one of four Taoist Temples built to guard Hanoi’s cardinal directions from evil.

The temple’s sanctuary is dedicated to Tran Vo, God of the North, and contains a 13-foot high statue of the deity cast from bronze. The temple and deity are one of four Taoist structures built to guard Hanoi’s northern, eastern, southern, and western regions from evil. The temples were constructed between 1010 and 1225, and each structure rests roughly on a cardinal direction point from the center of town.

Best Time to Visit Quan Thanh Temple:

The temperate weather in Vietnam makes for excellent, year-round sightseeing opportunities. Between February and April the weather is warm and light, short rains are frequent. The humidity and temperature rises steadily between May and August until the fall winds begin to cool the city between September and November. The winter months, December to January, are cool and dry.

How to get to Quan Thanh Temple:

The Quan Thanh Temple is located just offshore of Truc Bach Lake in the northern portion of Hanoi. Guests exploring the city on a luxury tour of Vietnam can easily gain access to the temple grounds by using our private vehicle services to navigate the bustling city streets.

Quan Thanh Temple Highlights:

Quan Than Temple is one of the oldest structures in Hanoi, and we highly recommend our guests take the time to visit this ancient sanctuary while traveling on a Vietnam tour.

Appropriate Attire :

When visiting areas of religious importance in Vietnam, it’s always best to dress modestly in clothes that cover shoulders, arms, and knees in keeping with religious modesty.