Bhutan National Parks Luxury Travel Information

More than 35 % of the entire country of Bhutan is protected land intended to promote the conservation of their dense species of mammals, fauna and vascular plants. Bhutan designates 26 % of the overall area of the country to national parks; this is the largest percent of protected land in any country worldwide. Bhutan has created a system of 9 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The parks are not considered a tourist attraction and the amount of visitors is restricted by the government. Bhutan is committed to protecting the delicate species that thrive throughout their country, and too much human traffic could substantially inhibit many species. Permits can be acquired on request to visit certain parks and guides are available for the larger parks. The raw and natural beauty of Bhutan’s earth characteristics has made it one of the most stunning and captivating environments for and visitors lucky enough to enter.

The National Parks in Bhutan boast over 165 species of mammals, including 24 internationally threatened species. Wandering through the wilderness here, those visitors lucky enough to enter a park can stumble upon elephants, tigers, snow leopards, red pandas, and bears. Since Bhutan is a strict Buddhist nation, the Bhutanese people believe strongly in protecting their wildlife and plants as it promotes spiritual continuity. Many animals have migrated to Bhutan and began to make their forests home. The Royal Bengal Tiger, generally known to live in tropical and sub-tropical areas now roams freely throughout Bhutan’s forests.

The countries flora offers much to delight botanists with more than 7, 000 plants, 300 species of plants with medicinal value, and 600 different species of orchid. This country is also considered a bird-waters paradise with 675 species of bird, including the elusive Black-Necked Crane.

Although many of the national parks and conservation areas are closed to foreigners, the government of Bhutan has established trekking routes that provide adventure travelers ample opportunity to experience the landscape.