Inya Lake Travel Information


Inya Lake Description:

British forces took control of Yangon (Rangoon) in 1852 after the conclusion of the Second Anglo-Burmese War. British army engineer Alexander Fraser constructed a new colonial city using a grid pattern on the delta between the Yangon and Pazundaung Rivers.

As part of the design for colonial Yangon (Rangoon), British engineers dug two large water reservoirs on the edge of the city to supply freshwater to its citizens.

Inya Lake (Victoria Lake under British Rule in Burma) is the northern of the two freshwater reservoirs created by the British city planners. Before World War II the area around the lake was Yangon’s most prosperous colonial suburb and much of the centuries old architecture still remains.

The lake and its surrounding park are particularly popular among Yangon’s citizens who can be spotted picnicking under shady trees or strolling along the footpaths that surround the lake.

Best Time to Visit Inya Lake:

Yangon’s best sightseeing weather falls between November and May when the area is temperate and dry. June to October rains cool the countryside, and make the lake and park particularly beautiful for an afternoon stroll.

How to get to Inya Lake:

The calm waters of the man-made aquifer act as a natural mirror of Yangon’s beautiful skyline. Strolling along the lake’s perimeter is a beautiful way to conclude the day’s excursions in Yangon.

Inya Lake Highlights:

Inya Lake is located about 6 miles north of central Yangon. Travelers enjoying one of our luxury tours of Myanmar can reach the area via our private vehicle service.

Appropriate Attire:

Western-style clothing choices are fine to wear while visiting the lake.