Kyaiktiyo Pagoda Travel Information


Kyaiktiyo Pagoda Description:

Tradition holds that a strand of Lord Buddha’s hair is all that keeps the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda from falling from its rocky perch on a hill a hill near the sea.

The gold-plated shrine sits atop a granite boulder precariously balanced on a cliff some 3,000 feet above sea level. From dawn to dusk, the pagoda is filled with chants of pilgrims and monks performing ritual ceremonies. Pilgrims cross a small footbridge and apply thin sheaves of gold leaf to the boulder under the stupa in a centuries old ritual that has covered the granite rock in a thick layer of gold.

The pagoda’s gravity defying balancing act is particularly stunning at dawn and dusk when the sun’s rays bath the golden shrine in a ruddy glow.

Best Time to Visit Kyaiktiyo Pagoda:

The best weather to visit Myanmar is during the November to May dry season. The months between June and October have higher chances of rainfall, but the weather is generally cooler, and the plant life is particularly verdant during the wetter season.

How to get to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda:

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda’s balancing act is a memorable sight that shouldn’t be missed while traveling in Myanmar.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda Highlights:

The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is located near the small town of Kyaiktiyo in Myanmar’s Eastern Mon State. Guests on our luxury tours of Myanmar reach the shrine via our private service while sightseeing in the area.

Appropriate Attire:

Active Buddhist shrines and temples in Myanmar require visitors to cover their shoulders, arms, and knees while on religious ground. Areas within the compound may also require the removal of shoes before entry.