Ngwesaung Tour


What :

Ngwesaung is a stunning beach resort area in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady coastal region.

Ngwesaung is best known for its 10 mile stretch of pristine silver-white sand ringing a bay lined with palm trees. The bay’s blue-green waters make for some excellent snorkeling, and vegetation surrounding the beaches gives the area a much sought after secluded feeling. Though the luxury resorts in the area are recent developments, there are a growing number of activities in the area including elephant excursions for travelers on luxury tours of Myanmar.

When :

Visit Ngwesaung between November and May for the best beach weather. June sees the beginning of warmer temperatures and higher chances of rain fall that last into October.

Who :

Ngwesaung is the perfect place to play the castaway in Myanmar. Easily accessed from Yangon, the beach resorts of Ngwesaung have become a favored destination for travelers looking for a secluded beach getaway in Myanmar.

Where :

Ngwesaung is located on Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady coast. It can be reached overland in a private vehicle from the city of Yangon in about five hours.

Attire :

Beachwear is a must while enjoying the splendid shoreline of Ngwesaung.