Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda Travel Information


Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda Description:

The Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda is a 12th century Buddhist temple in Amarapura.

The large complex is studded with small, gold capped stupas that are brightly painted with whitewash. The entrance is guarded by a large half lion, half dragon creature called a Chinthe.

The Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda enshrines two large Buddha images. The sitting Buddha image is within the main sanctuary, and the reclining Buddha image rests in a small enclave within the compound.

Best Time to Visit Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda:

From November to May the clear skies and warm temperatures make for the best sightseeing to explore the numerous Buddhist monuments that dot the area. The months between June and October see increasing chances of rain showers in the mornings and afternoons.

How to get to Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda:

The Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda is one of Amarapura’s more colorful Buddhist temples. Its large grounds and well-kept edifice are a treat to discover while exploring the area.

Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda Highlights:

The Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda is in the city of Amarapura south of Mandalay. Guests on our luxury tours of Myanmar reach the temple compound in a private vehicle after flying to Mandalay from Yangon.

Appropriate Attire:

It’s best to dress in conservative clothing that covers your shoulders, arms, and knees when visiting places of Buddhist religious importance.