Silk Weaving Workshops Travel Information


Silk Weaving Workshops Description:

The time honored tradition of Burmese silk weaving is a thriving cottage industry in the city of Amarapura.

Through much of Myanmar’s history, every household had at least one resident weaver to provide clothing for the family. This ancient tradition is continued in the numerous silk weaving workshops in the city of Amarapura just south of Mandalay.

These workshops offer a plethora of fine wares crafted by hand using techniques that have been passed down through the centuries. While some of the large workshops have incorporated some modern machinery to help with the production of garments, the majority of workshops still produce their wares entirely by hand.

Of the numerous cuts and styles of garments available within these shops, the colorful longyi is the most common. The longyi is finely embroidered sweep of cloth worn like a skirt by both sexes in Myanmar. They are made in a range of colors and patterns, and specially embroidered longyis are worn for special occasions like religious ceremonies.

Best Time to Visit Silk Weaving Workshops:

From November to May the clear skies and warm temperatures make for the best weather to visit the city of Amarapura. The rainy season follows from June to October with increased chances of daily rain showers in the mornings and evenings.

How to get to Silk Weaving Workshops:

The various workshops in Amarapura have some excellent wares well worth browsing for high-end souvenirs.

Silk Weaving Workshops Highlights:

The best silk weaving workshops are found in the small suburb of Amarapura just south of Mandalay. Once guests on our luxury tours of Myanmar reach Mandalay via a direct flight from Yangon, they are chauffeured to the Amarapura in a private vehicle.

Appropriate Attire:

Western-style clothing choices are fine to wear while visiting the silk weaving workshops of Amarapura.