Full Moon Party Festival Tour


What is Full Moon Party Festival?

The Full Moon Parties on KohPhangan Island have become an internationally recognized event in last decade.

The monthly beach and music festival hosts a riot of activities including fire spinning, and the party generally starts at sunset the evening of a full moon and continues well into the next day.

It’s a chance to celebrate what many consider the most unforgettable view of the moon on the planet with music, dancing, and drinks.

When is Full Moon Party Festival?

While the party is held in honor of the beautiful full moon, the festival may fall the night before or after depending on local holidays and weather. Advance planning is recommended to ensure booking, as prices can rise steeply and availability of rooms drops sharply leading up to the monthly party.

Visitors on tours of Thailand should plan advance booking around Christmas and New Year’s Eve as these times are the most popular for Westerners to visit the island.

Where is Full Moon Party Festival Celebrated?

Located on the beach of HaadRin on the Island of KohPhangan in the Gulf of Thailand, visitors on luxury tours of Thailand have multiple options across land, sea, and air to reach the area.

But the simplest and most common route is via a flight from Bangkok to the neighboring island of KohSamui, and then a short boat ride to the shores of KohPhangan.

Full Moon Party Festival Highlights:

World renowned, Full Moon parties are a treat for music and dance lovers, and revelers of all stripes. Attracting people from countries across the globe, the monthly party is spectacle any visitor on a tour of Thailand will appreciate.

Appropriate Attire:

Western clothing and swimsuits are perfectly acceptable for the festival, but sturdy sandals or even closed-toed shoes are recommended as the crowds at the party can grow to tens of thousands of revelers.