Festivals in Thailand

Highest Recommended Festivals (Besides ETT standard tour availability)
S.no Name of Festival/Fair Festival Day/Dates
1 New Year Day 1st January
2 Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2nd - 04th February
3 Chinese New year 16th - 20th February
4 Makabucha Day 1st March
5 Songkran Festival 13th - 15th April
6 Asahna Bucha Day 27th July
7 Buddhist Lent Day and Candle festival 28th July
8 Buffalo Racing Day in Chonburi 23rd October
9 Vegetarian festival 9th - 17th October
10 Commemorating the passing of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) 13th October
11 Loykratong and Yi Peng Festival 23rd November
12 Monkey Banquet Festival 25th November
13 King Bhumibol Birthday Commemoration Day 05th December
14 New year’s Eve 31st December

There are countless fairs, celebrations and festivals in Thailand each year and travelers planning a trip to Thailand often have a difficult time deciding which festivals in Thailand they should experience. All the major festivals of Thailand are spectacular in their own right, but some are better to include on your tour of Thailand.