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How do we make Ayurveda in India Easy?

Easy Tours Of India's Ayurvedic Visits are conducted in locations in the lush scenic hills of Kerala (Western Ghats - Deccan Plateau). The natural surroundings and climate of these hills is ideal for Ayurveda.

We can also arrange treatments and massages at any city on our tours, and there are some very good Institutes in the Himalayas in Northern India that can be used by guests not wanting to travel to South India.

The two Kerala locations are operated and owned by completely different entities, and both facilities are far away from each other, as well as from all the distractions that are a part of being located in most locations in India.

The Opulent Level is unique and has no parallel on the earth. It is a late 19th century Palace of exceptional harmony and beauty, as well as architectural excellence and historical significance. The Palace has been updated to include luxuries and comforts that were not available at the time of it's original construction, and to make it's primary function the pursuit of perfection in Ayurvedic treatments. All this has been achieved without sacrificing the inherent beauty and efficiencies of its form, so as to retain the magnificent ambiance of it's origin.

The Deluxe Level is in an institute that has more than it's share of amenities and comforts, and is renown for it's past achievements in the field of Ayurvedic treatments, and for it's own herbal product range.

Visits to both of them include all prescribed Ayurvedic medication and treatments, consultations with the resident Vaidyan (Ayurvedic physician) as well as Yoga & Meditation instructors, all meals, lifestyle teachings, printed materials, future access to free advice and discounted medicines, oils, and creams, and a lot more.

We make Ayurveda in India easy by combining a knowledge of the needs of western visitors with the realities of Ayurveda practice in India. We make Ayurveda in India easy as we have the ability to arrange all aspects of your visit to India, starting from the United States, and going as far as giving you the option of combining other pursuits such as explorations of Nepal, Tibet, and the rest of India.

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