Trongsa Travel Information

Located in Central Bhutan lies the district of Tongsa. The road to Tongsa takes you through beautiful vistas, scenic villages and provides a remarkable example of the hand in glove existence of, man and nature. The valley of Tongsa is famous for a species of Cherries, which bursts into blossom in autumn making the valley pink.

The land mark of Tongsa is the Tongsa Dzong. It can be seen from nearly 20 kilometres away, nestled at the bottom of the valley. The dzong has a commanding view of the territory around it and is built in such a way all who enter the valley have to pass by it. Tongsa dates back to the 16th century and the dzong is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters and is a masterpiece of architecture with a maze of courtyards, passages and contains 23 temples. The dzong has a printing press which uses a traditional method to print religious texts.

Today the dzong is the administrative seat of Tongsa district. Historically, Tongsa holds a very important place in Bhutan. The monarchy of Bhutan originated here and the governors of this province in the 19th century ruled central and eastern Bhutan from Tongsa. They later went on to become the monarchs of Bhutan. Tongsa village is great place to taste Bhutanese food, soak up Bhutan’s history and admire pink cherry blossoms bursting with life.