Htamane Festival Tour


What is Htamane Festival?

The Htamane Festival is Myanmar’s national sticky rice carnival celebrating the end of Buddhist Lent.

During the festival, Myanmar’s people gather together to cook sticky rice confections called Htamane. Glutinous rice is soaked overnight, and then fried in oil inside an oversized wok, and kneaded until the mixture reaches a thick consistency. Coconut shavings, toasted sesame seeds, ground nut, and ginger are then added during a lengthy mixing process under low heat that’s usually administered by three adults using long paddle-like spoons to knead the increasingly thick mixture.

During the Htamane Festival, it’s common to see the sweet delicacy being made in large community gatherings and inside Buddhist monasteries. A portion of this traditional confection is usually given to temples and shrines as an offering of alms.

When is Htamane Festival?

Due to the traditional Buddhist lunar calendar used to determine festival dates in Myanmar, the Htamane Festival usually falls in February. When planning a luxury tour of Myanmar, it’s best to check with one of our Travel Specialists for the current festival date as the exact times vary greatly between each year.

Htamane Festival Highlights:

The Htamane Festival gives the entire country of Myanmar a joyous atmosphere. Sampling the sticky rice confection is something you’re taste buds will never forget.

Where is Htamane Festival Celebrated?

The Htamane Festival is celebrated nationwide in Myanmar.

Appropriate Attire:

Western-style clothing is fine to wear while attending the festivities.