Festivals in Myanmar

Highest Recommended Festivals (Besides ETT standard tour availability)
S.no Name of Festival/Fair Festival Day/Dates
1 New Year / Ananda Pagoda Festival Bagan 4th - 9th January
2 Independence Day 4th January
3 Kachin Manaw festival 9th - 10th January
4 Naga New year festival 15th January
5 Nyan Taw Pagoda festival in Pyin Oo Lwin 31st - 08th February
6 Union Day 12th February
7 Full moon Day of Tabuang 8th March
8 Golden Hilltop Festival 3rd - 9th February
9 Pindaya Cave Festival 6th - 8th March
10 Peasants Day 2nd March
11 Armed Force Day 27th March
12 Shwemawdaw Pagoda Festival 2nd - 11th April
13 Thingyan Water festival 13th - 16th April
14 Mount Popa Ceremony 10th - 16th September
15 Full Moon of Waso Day 3rd August
16 Phaung Daw Pagoda Inle Festival 17th October - 3rd November
17 KyaukTawGyi Pagoda Festival Mandalay 30th October - 2nd November
18 Indien Pagoda Festival 27th - 31st October
19 Shwezigon Pagoda Festival Bagan 26th - 29th November
20 Kyaiktiyo Pagoda Festival (Golden Rock) November
21 Mount Poppa Nat festival 10th - 16th September
22 New year’s Eve 31st December

There are countless fairs, celebrations and festivals in Myanmar each year and travelers planning a trip to Myanmar often have a difficult time deciding which festivals in Myanmar they should experience. All the major festivals of Myanmar are spectacular in their own right, but some are better to include on your tour of Myanmar.