Waso Full Moon Festival Tour


What is Waso Full Moon Festival?

The Waso Full Moon Festival marks the beginning of Buddhist Lent, which coincides with Myanmar’s rainy season.

This Buddhist festival marks three pivotal points in the life of Siddhartha Gautama on his path to become Buddha: his conception, leaving his life as prince for that of a wandering ascetic, and his first sermon to his pupils.

For Buddhist clergy across Myanmar, the Waso Full Moon Festival marks the beginning of their three month long retreat into monastic life. The custom, believed to have been founded by Buddha himself, bars monks from traveling anyplace they can’t reach in a single day. During the rainy season, the monks and nuns who inhabit the numerous monasteries in Myanmar spend their days teaching sermons and meditating.

During the Waso Full Moon Festivals Buddhist followers donate monastic robes to the monasteries in a merit making ritual. The monks are forbidden from earning a living and all their daily necessities from clothing to food is donated by the local communities.

When is Waso Full Moon Festival?

Myanmar’s Waso Full Moon Festival is held in July. Exact dates for religious festivals are determined using Myanmar’s traditional lunar calendar. If you’d like to experience the Waso Full Moon Festival, one of our Travel Specialists can confirm the exact date and make appropriate arrangements for a luxury tour of Myanmar.

Waso Full Moon Festival Highlights:

Cultural enthusiasts find the reverent atmosphere and ancient traditions of the Waso Full Moon Festival to be an irresistible draw that should not be missed while sightseeing in Myanmar.

Where is Waso Full Moon Festival Celebrated?

The Waso Full Moon Festival is held nationwide. Cities like Mandalay and Yangon that have multiple Buddhist monasteries are great place to witness this ancient tradition.

Appropriate Attire:

Buddhist traditions of modesty call for conservative clothing that covers shoulders to knees while on consecrated ground.