Ananda Pagoda Festival Tour


What is Ananda Pagoda Festival?

Each year after the harvest season concludes the Ananda Pagoda Festival brings a thrum of activity to the ancient ruins of Bagan.

One part harvest festival, one part Buddhist ritual, the Ananda Pagoda Festival is the largest annual celebration in center and upper Myanmar. Red robed monks trickle in from across the countryside alongside thousands of pilgrims who fill the roads with ox carts laden with their harvest and handcrafted wares. The 15 day event is a curious mix of ancient Buddhist sermons and prayer rituals, and vibrant entertainment. The Ananda Pagoda Festival is the annual alms giving time for the region, and the pilgrims who attend can readily be spotted filling donation plates with money, rice, and other goods to support the numerous Buddhist monks who inhabit the area.

The grounds around the Ananda temple fill with food stalls, merchants selling handcrafted wares, and farmers looking to sell their harvest. The festival has a jubilant atmosphere reminiscent of a country fair. People come together from across the central and northern regions of Myanmar here to celebrate the close of another harvest season for up to two weeks, which may be the only time extended families comes together throughout the year. In and around the Ananda Temple, numerous religious ceremonies are performed by the resident and itinerant monks that preside over the fair.

When is Ananda Pagoda Festival?

The annual Ananda Pagoda Festival usually starts the first week of January and runs for 15 days. Myanmar uses a traditional lunar calendar and festival dates shift accordingly year to year. If you’re interesting in attending the festival, one of our Travel Specialists can help you determine the appropriate travel dates to attend.

Ananda Pagoda Festival Highlights:

The Ananda Pagoda Festival is a time of celebration and reunion that many inhabitants of Central and Upper Myanmar look forward to all year. The thrilling mix of ancient Buddhist customs and a lively country fair atmosphere should not be missed by guests on our luxury tours of Myanmar.

Where is Ananda Pagoda Festival Celebrated?

The Ananda Pagoda Festival takes place in the ancient city of Bagan in central Myanmar. Guests can reach the ruins of the ancient temple city in a private vehicle from the city of Mandalay. Guests on our Myanmar tours reach Mandalay via a direct flight from Yangon.

Appropriate Attire:

The festival itself has no dress code, but when entering Buddhist temples and monasteries it’s best to dress conservatively by covering your shoulders, arms, and knees.