Mae Lamu Pagoda Festival Tour


What is Mae Lamu Pagoda Festival?

The Mae Lamu Pagoda Festival is an ancient Buddhist pilgrimage near Myanmar’s former capital of Yangon.

The daylong event is celebrated with a 24 hour recitation of Buddhist scriptures by the red robed monks who preside over the Mae Lamu Pagoda. Throughout the day, pilgrims fill the temple nearly to bursting as they amble clockwise around the central shrine of the temple complex in a traditional merit-making activity thought to bring good fortune. Donating alms to the Buddhist monks and the temple is considered an auspicious activity by the Burmese. Over the course of the festival, pilgrims will provide the money and goods that the temple’s clergy needs to sustain themselves for another year.

Outside the temple, the holiday has a festive air. Traditional performances of ancient plays and musicals take place on stages around the pagoda’s compound.

When is Mae Lamu Pagoda Festival?

The Mae Lamu Pagoda Festival is usually held on a full moon in December, but the traditional lunar calendar that’s used to determine religious festival dates in Myanmar can shift the timing of the event several weeks each year. It’s best to plan in advance so our Travel Specialists can confirm the appropriate times for you to experience the festival during your luxury tour of Myanmar.

Mae Lamu Pagoda Festival Highlights:

Mae Lamu Pagoda’s proximity to Myanmar’s former capital of Yangon makes its annual festival an easy to reach experience that opens a window into the country’s Buddhist culture.

Where is Mae Lamu Pagoda Festival Celebrated?

The Mae Lamu Pagoda is about a 20 minute drive from central Yangon. Our guests can reach the temple and festival in a private vehicle with a chauffeur.

Appropriate Attire:

Dress in modest clothing that covers shoulders, arms, and knees while attending Buddhist ceremonies and festivals in Myanmar. Some areas of the Mae Lamu Pagoda will require visitors to remove their shoes to enter.