Panguni Uthiram Festival Tour


What is Panguni Uthiram Festival?

The Panguni Uthiram Festival is a Hindu religious holiday celebrated by Yangon’s Indian population from the state of Tamil Nadu.

The Panguni Uthiram celebrates the marriage of the Hindu deities Parvati and Parameswara. Over the course of the 10 day festival Yangon’s Hindu residents gather to perform traditional songs to the beat of canvas drums. The festival goers often wear colorful traditional Indian garments to the festival.

Fire walking is a central part of the festival. During this religious event, self-sacrifice is believed to hold evil spirits at bay, and create an auspicious environment for good fortune to flow through. After passing over hot coals barefoot, attendees will soak their feet in goat milk before rubbing turmeric powder on their soles.

When is Panguni Uthiram Festival?

The Panguni Uthiram Festival is held between March and April for 10 days. The festival dates are chosen using the Tamil solar calendar, which can shift the timing of the festival by several weeks. If you’re interested in attending this Hindu celebration, it’s best to plan far in advance so our Travel Specialists can confirm appropriate dates and make needed arrangements for your luxury tour of Myanmar.

Panguni Uthiram Festival Highlights:

Yangon has become an increasingly cosmopolitan city in recent decades with a thriving international cultural. Cultural enthusiasts find the intermingling of different religions in Yangon provides an interesting insight into the social fabric of this increasingly modern city.

Where is Panguni Uthiram Festival Celebrated?

The Panguni Uthiram Festival is held at the Sri Angala Eswari Munieswar Swamy Temple in the Pilikha Village outside of Yangon. Guests on our Myanmar tours are chauffeured to the Hindu temple in a private vehicle along with an experienced guide.

Appropriate Attire:

When attending festivals with religious importance, it’s best to dress modestly in clothing that covers shoulders, arms, and knees.