India Destinations

India's larger cities are usually combinations of an old city that dates back to somewhere between a few centuries and a few millenniums; and a newer city that has grown around (or next) to it. In the old cities, architecture that is centuries old is still functional; and in many cases, provides shelter to people whose families have occupied that home for hundreds of years. Although the most interesting sights are usually here, these towns usually have narrow streets and inadequate sanitation.

In contrast, the newer parts of these cities are western in their design, yet distinctly Indian in their existence. India's wealthy typically make their home here; so do most of the burgeoning "upper middle class". The better hotels, Government offices, and larger commercial organizations are usually based here.

We have only listed cities that are included in the itineraries of our tours, and many major cities and potential places of tourist interest have been left out. For guests building their own tours and needing information on cities not listed here, please mention that in the comments section of your tour inquiry form.

India can be divided into many geographically and culturally distinct sections and sub-sections. For the sake of cataloguing simplicity, Easy Tours Of India has loosely classified these cities as belonging to Southern and Northern India. The descriptions we offer refer to metropolitan areas and include many distortions of state, city, town, and municipality borders.