Nagaur Cattle Fair

Nagaur Cattle Fair: Nagaur, the city with the largest red chili market in India, is the host for the second largest cattle fair of Rajasthan. The eight day Nagaur Cattle Fair is held every year in the months of January or February. Approximately 70,000 livestock, including the famous Nagauri breed bullock, cows, oxen, horses and most of all camels are traded during the fair. The cattle are adorned by lavish and colorful accessories to catch the eye of potential buyers and even the villagers dress up in their finest for the occasion, with colorful turbans making their spectacular moustaches less imposing.

The Nagaur Fair is not just about trading in cattle. Visitors also buy and sell beautiful wood creations, exquisite iron crafts and camel leather accessories. For the adventurous there are numerous local competitions and activities, including a tug-of-war, a bullock cart race, a camel race and (unfortunately) many cock fights. The high spirited fair is a delight to attend and thousands of people throng to the Nagaur Cattle Fair.

Evenings at the Nagaur Cattle Fair are no less interesting and a number of activities take place after the sun sets. Many visitors feel that the best part of the Nagaur Cattle Fair is in the evenings when folk music fills the air and puppeteers and story tellers make their way through the various campfires.