You can select from our curated itineraries that include India's premier destinations, or you can choose to design your own India Vacation Package, using our powerful and intuitive Build Your Own Tool. This tool can also be used to build your own India Travel Package, where the services include all sightseeing and many unique experiences.

Our guests have the option of selecting between two levels of lodging, ranging from truly upscale to extremely luxurious -

Luxury Level: India’s best Hotels, which are widely recognized to be among the finest in the world. The Oberoi Hotels & Resorts deservedly have won Travel & Leisure’s ‘Best Hotelier in the World” award for 2 years in a row, and the Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces have more than their share of accolades, while offering an opportunity to stay in the world’s most opulent historic palaces.

Premium Level: No other India Tour Operator offers the upscale hotels that we include at this level. Please take the time to research and compare; you will soon realize what an amazing value this level is, considering the level of lodging and service that is included. Boutique 19th century palace hotels at Jaipur and on Varanasi's holy river, right at the most sacred location of the river - these are just two of the beautiful upscale hotels used at this level.

If you select the India Vacation option, or a private India tour, you can chose between our curated itineraries or decide to build your own vacation in India using our easy to use Configurator tool. In our small group India tours, you can select from bespoke itineraries at either the upscale or luxury level.

Our India Vacation Packages will be facilitated just for you (or your group), and so you have infinite choices of customization. Group size is limited only by your preferences; we can facilitate a holiday in India for one guest, or a thousand.

We can design region specific holiday packages that allow you to concentrate on one (or more) specific areas of the country (or regions), or theme/agenda based vacations that focus on attractions such as Wildlife, Yoga, Festivals and Cuisine.

Some of our most popular India vacation packages actually include combinations of India with other nations such as Nepal and Bhutan. We can provide you great values on exquisitely planned multi-stop international air travel that keeps your travel duration to a minimum and uses the better airlines while doing so.

All our India Vacation packages include World Class Service. From the moment you are greeted by an Easy Tours Visit Facilitator, you enter a world of impeccable service and hospitality. With our own offices in all major tourism destinations in the country, there is a consistency in service not offered by other tour operators.

There are links to relevant informational resources in each India Vacation and Tour Page, as well as in other sections such as Information.

Vacation and Tour Packages Pages contain:

(a) Detailed descriptions of each destination.

(b) An interactive calendar.

(c) An interactive Map with your destinations highlighted.

(d) An Inquiry Form and/or a Reservation Form.

(e) A List of Hotels with links to the Hotel Websites and TripAdvisor reviews.

(f) The option to select from both Levels that we offer in India vacation packages.

Set your own pace on your India Vacation. Talk to an India Specialist and plan your itinerary with their expert help. You get a reasonable amount of time at all of our destinations with our standard itineraries, along with choices of when and how you'd like to explore different sights, cities, and festivals.

We know that you will want to include some great experiences during your India Vacation. We can include one or more elephant and camel safaris, and purebred horse rides can be included in most vacations and tours. You may want to experience the amazing healing powers of Ayurveda and/or learn Yoga from the world’s best Guru’s. You can dine with enjoy dinner with a celebrity chef at their home and get cooking lessons (certain locations), experience local theatre and art, and experience excursions such as boat cruises and Everest flights in vacations and tours of India and Nepal. We can arrange all of these for you based on your preferences.