Wildlife Parks

The large number of historical and cultural attractions in India tends to overshadow the amazing diversity of wildlife that the nation has to offer. India has the largest number of (four hundred and forty one) Sanctuaries and (eighty) National Parks in the world, and that is where the government attempts to protect this wildlife, constantly embroiled in a struggle with poachers and, to a lesser extent, local villagers and nomads.

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India and Africa both have a great variety of wildlife, but the terrain in most of India is different from the sub-Saharan environment in Africa, thereby making it harder to view certain types of wildlife. However, the jungles are much lusher, and are filled with exotic plants, shrubs, and trees that cannot be found elsewhere. Also, unlike the flat planes of most African parks, the terrain can be hills, plains, or just water, and in many cases a combination of all of the preceding.

We offer information on 12 National Parks that we believe offer the best opportunities for viewing Indian wildlife. Ranthambore National Park is included in most of our North India and All India First Visit Collection itineraries and Periyar National Park is part of some of our South India First Visit Collection. The large selection of First Visit itineraries are available as part of our small group departures or as independent travel.

The reason for Ranthambore being included in so many of our offerings is mainly due to the fact that it offers Among the highest chances of tiger sightings in India (Easy Tours guests have had over a 85% single or multiple sighting ratio since we started keeping records in 2006); also, a visit to Ranthambore fits in very conveniently in the logical flow of travel between Agra & Jaipur.

We can arrange visits to any other Park or Sanctuary that you choose. Guests with a strong preference for bird watching over animals may want to consider asking us to do just that, as the best bird watching parks in India are not included among the parks listed here (although all the listed parks do offer opportunities for viewing a large selection of indigenous and migratory birds).

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