Chinese Fishing Nets Travel Information

Chinese Fishing Nets Description:

Chinese fishing nets have been an iconic part of Kochi’s coastline for five centuries.

Thought to have been brought to the Malabar Coast by the Portuguese from their colony in Macau, the nets are fixed land installations usually operated by a team of six. The shore operated lift nets’ rigging is comprised of bamboo poles set on teak wood pivot points. The cantilevered fishing net structures are about 32-feet high, and require excellent coordination between multiple people to be effectively lowered in and raised out of the water.

The Chinese fishing nets have a hypnotic grace about them when in motion, and guests traveling on one of our luxury tours of India have a great view of them in operation from the Vasco de Gama Square that runs along the beach. There are numerous street vendors willing to prepare the fresh catch from the nets at a moment’s notice.

Best Time to Visit Chinese Fishing Nets:

Kochi’s best weather falls between October and April with clear skies and smooth seas. Between June and August heavy rains fall in the region.

How to get to Chinese Fishing Nets:

Chinese fishing nets can be found along Kochi’s coastline, but the best place to spot them in action is along the narrow promenade of Vasco de Gama Square near the center of town while enjoying one of our luxury tours of India.

Chinese Fishing Nets Highlights:

Chinese fishing nets have been a staple of Kochi’s coastline for so many centuries that merely mentioning their name conjures images of smooth waves, coconut groves, and fresh catch from the Arabian Sea.

Appropriate Attire:

Dress for warm weather while visiting this coastal paradise.