Devi Jagadambi Temple Travel Information

Devi Jagadambi Description:

Devi Jagadambi is one of the 25 remaining temples in Khajuraho's World Heritage site.

World renowned for the decorative carvings, many of them erotic in nature, that wrap the structure's walls in bands, the temples are a frequent stop on tours of India.

The sanctum of the temple houses a carving of the Hindu god Devi, but was later dedicated to Parvati, and then finally Kali.

Best Time to Visit Devi Jagadambi:

July and August bring the heaviest rains to central India, but they also reduce the crowds at this busy UNESCO World Heritage site.

The high season for Khajuraho runs from October to March when most travelers book their luxury tours of India to beat the summer heat.

How to get to Devi Jagadambi:

Part of the Western Group of temples in Khajuraho, the grounds are easily accessed by private vehicle.

Khajuraho is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, which is easily navigated using the region's well-paved highways.

Devi Jagadambi Highlights:

Cultural enthusiasts seeking better understanding of the diverse religious history of India have made the temples of Khajuraho one of the most visited locations in India.

Appropriate Attire:

As with any sacred site in India, visitor’s clothing choices should cover their shoulders, arms, and legs while on holy ground.