Duladeo Temple Travel Information

Duladeo Temple Description:

Duladeo Temple is one of the 25 Hindu temples in the World Heritage city of Khajuraho, India.

Originally part of a much larger temple city containing an estimated 85 distinct structures dedicated to various gods in the Hindu pantheon, Duladeo is dedicated to the god Shiva.

The last of the temples created by the Chandela Rajputs who ruled here millennia ago, Duladeo is the largest and most ornately decorated of the many temples in the area. The last of the structures to be completed before the Chandela dynasty fell from power.

While all the temples here are known for their decorative sculptures depicting varied sex acts, the great detail in the faces of the carvings at Duladeo sets it apart from the other structures as the paramount work of Chandela artistry.

Best Time to Visit Duladeo Temple:

July and August monsoon rains offer travelers on tour in India a respite for the central Indian heat, easy booking, and smaller crowds.

The high season for tourism in the area runs between October and March as most guests on luxury tours of India avoid the high summer temperatures.

How to get to Duladeo Temple:

Duladeo is in the Southern Group of Khajuraho's many World Heritage Site temples. Located just south of the city, the area is best accessed via private vehicle.

Khajuraho city is in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, and is well connected to the rest of the country via India's modern highway system, and easily accessed by private car.

Duladeo Temple Highlights:

One of 22 temples in the area's World Heritage Site, Duladeo is chance for culture, art, and history lovers to experience the long vanished Chandela dynasty's unique view of the world on their luxury tours of India.

Appropriate Attire :

The temples are sacred ground for practitioners of the Hindu and Jain religions, and travelers should dress modestly with covered shoulders, arms, and legs as a sign of respect.