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 How It Works

This website has more information on travel in Asia (and its main destinations) than the next 10 websites combined.

There are 34 tour itinerary pages with many links to outside resources, and over 50 pages with individual destination information & more links.

You could surf websites for days and get really confused, or you can use this site and the links it contains and get all the information you need.

Research your visit through the information and links in the Tour Pages, Information Pages, and the Resources Page. You can tell us when you'd like to start your visit, or select from available group tour dates in most Tour Pages.

You can combine two, or more tours, or tell us to design a tour around your preferences. Ask for information if you have any remaining concerns or questions. Once you've decided what you'd like to do during your visit to Asia, fill out and submit the Reservation Inquiry Form in the relevant tour page.


 After You Send The Reservation Request

After confirming availability (and figuring out the other logistics if you're not opting for any advertised tour dates) we e-mail (or fax, if you prefer that) you a "Confirmation of Availability Package". We hold your reservations for 3 business days from that day, and if you don't respond, we reserve the right to not offer you the same dates or pricing.

After you confirm your approval of the itinerary and other details in that package to us, and pay us the required deposit, your reservations are confirmed, subject to the terms and conditions you agree with in your acceptance of the C.O.A.P.


 Confirmation Of Availability Package (C.O.A.P.)

A link to this package (a page hosted on our website) is e-mailed to you shortly after you decide to visit Asia as our guests. For people booking over the phone and not wanting to use the web, expedited mail or fax processing is used to send the C.O.A.P., instead of e-mail processing. There is a small handling fee for mailed copies.

Reservations are not confirmed until your initial deposit or payment is processed, and we have received the completed C.O.A.P. (whether fax, mail, or e-mail based). The Confirmation of Availability Package includes the following four items:

(1). A itinerary of your visit with us, with a unique Guest Identification, that you can refer to in all further communication.

(2). Terms & Conditions that you are required to review and accept, including our policies relating to payments, cancellations, and refunds.

(3). A Cancellation Form that you can use to inform us, in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your visit.

(4). A link to our secure payment processing pages. Once you've reviewed all the contents of the above, and agreed to the relevant sections; you will be directed to our secure payment processing center to pay the balance due at that time.


 Privacy Notice

Privacy Policy: Easy Tours Of Asia will not share your personal information with any outside person or agency, except for the purpose of -

(1) making various reservations for your travels in Asia

(2) processing your payments through the Banks and Credit Card transaction institutions (all located in the United States) that we deal with.

From time to time, we may send you information on our specials. You will always have the option to stop us from doing that whenever you choose.


 How Payments Are Processed

We do not accept complete payments till you confirm acceptance of the itinerary, and the "Terms & Conditions", included in our "Confirmation of Availability Package". You pay an initial deposit when you select one of the available group tour dates, or at the time of your acceptance of our proposed itinerary for your visit.

This deposit may not be refundable, in whole or in part, in the event you choose to cancel or alter your reservations. Part of this deposit covers our costs for arranging all the initial details, including credit card or check transaction fees, making reservations for you, and other administrative costs.

Last minute reservations on one of our advertised group tours or specials may require immediate payment in order to secure an opening for you. Your reservations are valid (subject to our terms and conditions) when your initial payment is processed, and then received by our bank. All payment processing is done by secure servers and your protection is guaranteed by the merchant banks processing the transactions.


 Once Your Tour Begins

You are received by your Visit Facilitator at your choice of location (Indira Gandhi International Airport, or your local hotel). From then on, anything you need becomes a priority for our staff in Asia. You get the amount of attention you've asked for, and you can always change your preferences.

You are provided with (for each destination during your visit) descriptions of monuments and places of interest. A Visit Facilitator or Tour Director may accompany you on your journey between destinations. If they don't they'll be with you till you board, and be waiting when you deplane. They will help you with your hotel check-ins and check outs (these are already expedited by our planning and contacts).

Local explorations are conducted in comfortable air conditioned transportation, - usually one of our comfortable sport utility vehicles. At breakfast each morning, your Visit facilitator familiarizes you with the days agenda, your options, and other relevant details about the local attractions.

You decide what you want to do at each destination. Each visit is designed to allow maximum flexibility for the guest. Scheduled visits to monuments and wildlife parks include a knowledgeable guide. Easy Tours Of Asia includes all* government and other charges for these tours. You are guided on the best shopping, sight seeing, and more. At the end of the visit, you are provided transportation to anywhere in Delhi, including the hotel that you may have asked us to arrange.


 What should you pack for your trip?

You can dress as you do at home while exploring most attractions in the big cities and while you are at your hotels. However, when visiting religious monuments (even in the big cities), both ladies and men are required to keep their legs and shoulders covered, and shorts or mid length skirts are completely unacceptable. In smaller towns and rural areas, women may want to wear a shawl or scarf that covers their upper torso. For men, short-sleeved shirts are more respectful than wearing t-shirts. Formal clothing is not required at dinner at even the most opulent hotels in India. Natural fabrics are highly recommended and it is a good idea to dress in layers in winter due to the temperature variances between the morning and afternoon.

Shoes and Socks
Please bring a sturdy and comfortable pair of walking shoes, sneakers or sandals. A couple of thick pairs of socks are highly recommended as there are a lot of monuments that require you to take your shoes off before entering. The typical surface at such locations is stone, which can get unbearably hot during the summer months.

Medicine and Medical Care
A high level of medical care is available everywhere in India, except for rural areas and very small towns. Almost all the Hotel’s that Easy Tours’ uses in these cities have experienced doctors on call that will pay a visit to your room for a very nominal charge. Although medicines with similar active ingredients to what are found overseas are available in pharmacies in India’s larger cities, you should bring an adequate supply of whatever medicines you usually need. Please note that the civil aviation authority in India has strict rules for liquids and medical paraphernalia for carryon bags and it is your responsibility to conform to these regulations.

Personal Care Items
High quality shampoo and conditioner are provided by all Hotels used by Easy Tours, and most of them also provide additional items such as moisturizers and hair dryers, while toothbrushes and paste, razors etc. are provided upon request.

Other Useful Items
Anti-bacterial hand wipes are useful for some situations. We recommend that you take a small quantity of your favorite mosquito repellent. If you wish to use any electronic devices from other nations, you will need an adaptor plug that also modulates voltage (if required), which almost all hotels provide upon request, if it is not already placed in your room. These adaptors work well for almost all regular chargers such as phones, cameras, and laptops, but they are not designed to work with heavy duty items such as game consoles. The adaptors do develop problems after some use so you are encouraged to have the Hotel replace them if they do not function well. Easy Tours’ staff will be happy to assist you in purchasing your own adaptor, if required. For those with a need to charge multiple electronic items, we recommend that you pack a power strip that can be plugged into the adaptor, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.