Jim Corbett National Park Travel Information

India's most famous wildlife park, and the first park in Project Tiger, Corbett National Park is easily accessible from Delhi and other major cities. Designated as a wildlife park in 1935, it was the first wildlife sanctuary in Asia. A visitor to Corbett is guaranteed encounters with an amazing diversity of wildlife, as well as a chance of coming across the elusive tiger. It is a large and beautiful park, and a safari into the core area of the park, whether on elephant back or four wheel drive vehicle, is a thrilling experience.

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The terrain is a mix; there are grasslands and forests, plains and mountains, even dry earth and marshlands. The river Ramganga flows through Corbett, and if you reserve well in advance, you can stay on it's banks at the picturesque park headquarters at Dhikala. This diversity in terrain produces a similarly large range of wildlife, while also offering some spectacular scenery in places like Dhikala.

For viewing a wide variety of Indian wildlife, Corbett National Park has no equals. It offers Northern India's best opportunities for observing wild elephant herds. Numerous kinds of deer, monkeys, and lizards abound here. The gharial (Indian crocodile) makes its home here. So do leopards, wild boars, and jackals. It's one of India's best places for birdwatchers, with almost six hundred species of birds.