Lakshmana Temple Travel Information

Lakshmana Temple Description:

Lakshmana is the oldest and most intricately decorated of the many Hindu temples in the city of Khajuraho, India. Each of the 22 temple structures in the city is dedicated to a different deity, and is all that remain of a sprawling temple city that once contained 85 separate structures.

Completed around 950 A.D., the massive structure features depictions of the Hindu god Vishnu, soldiers, and images of daily life from that era carved with great detail directly into the facade and pillars of temple, but it’s the strikingly erotic sculpted images found mostly on the southern face of the temple that draws travelers on tours of India to this ancient World Heritage Site.

Featuring a host of erotic poses and sexual acts, there are hundreds of these complexly carved figures covering Lakshmana, and the 21 other remaining temples located in Khajuraho that draw visitors on luxury tours of India.

Best Time to Visit Lakshmana Temple:

To beat the heat, the best times to visit Lakshmana are between October and March.

Alternatively, visiting during July and August monsoons can help guests on tours in India beat the crowds, and save on accommodations.

The temples are closed on the weekend, so plan accordingly.

How to get to Lakshmana Temple:

Located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho’s temples are split into three distinct groups based on the cardinal directions East, West, and South. Lakshmana is in the western block of temples from the center of town.

Though small, Khajuraho is well connected to major Indian cities thanks to its central location. Travel to and from the city via private car is easy.

Lakshmana Temple Highlights:

Lakshmana and the other remaining structures offer interesting architectural and historic sustenance for the scholar and neophyte alike. The intricate detail of carved panels framing the temples are astounding, and the explicit depictions on some of the panels offer a thoughtful juxtaposition on a conservative culture that created the world’s most famous sex manual, The Kama Sutra.

Appropriate Attire:

Lakshmana is a holy temple dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, and guests should dress modestly by covering their shoulders, arms, and legs while on temple grounds.

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