Sariska Tiger Reserve Travel Information

Sariska Park Description:

Sariska Tiger Reserve protects a 300-square-mile swathe of deciduous forest and rocky grasslands.

In 2004 it came to light that the tiger population of the reserve had vanished completely from the boundaries of the park, but transplants from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve have thrived, and once again travelers on luxury tours of India have the chance to spot the majestic predator while on safari here.

Dozens of mammal species reside in the park including leopard, jungle cat, caracal, striped hyena, golden jackal, chital, sambhar, nilgai, chinkara, and four-horned antelope. These animals are easily spotted in the evening around the numerous watering holes that dot the park’s landscape.

There are also numerous historical sites and temples within the park to visit. Bhangarh is a town about 20 miles beyond the inner park area that was deserted 300-years-ago for unknown reasons. The ghost town is said to be haunted, and many of its 10,000 buildings have been restored and preserved lending an eerie feel to its atmosphere.

Kankwari Fort is perched on a hilltop overlooking the jungle, and the imposing structure was used to jail the Mughal Empire’s chosen heir, Dara Shikoh, after his brother Aurangzeb usurped the throne. Neelkantheshwar Temple is one of several temple structures in Sariska Tiger Reserve, and it’s not uncommon to see pilgrims heading to the Jain shrine while on safari in the park.

Best Time to Visit Sariska Park:

Unlike most national parks in India, Sariska Tiger Reserve is open year-round. The best weather to visit the sanctuary falls between November and March. High temperatures between July and August usually drive the animals to higher altitudes until the monsoon rains in September and October cool the area considerably.

How to get to Sariska Park:

The Sariska Tiger Reserve is about 50 miles from the city of Jaipur in the west India state of Rajasthan. The park is best reached by private 4-wheel-drive vehicle while on our India tours.

Sariska Park Highlights:

Wildlife enthusiasts have a chance for a unique safari and sightseeing experience viewing the plethora of wildlife and historic buildings and temples that are housed in the park's sprawling boundaries. It's a must-see for guests on our luxury tours of India.

Appropriate Attire:

Dress for warm weather, and bring along a good pair of hiking shoes as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs while on safari in the Sariska Tiger Reserve.