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Read some of our South India Tour itineraries and you will see why our tours are rated so highly. You will not only see major monuments in South India’s cities, you will also get to observe how the locals spend their days. We do not rush you from attraction to attraction, or city to city; we let you actually take-in the local culture.

Some of the South India Tours listed on this page can be relished as part of our All India small group tours (maximum of 12 guests). All of them can be enjoyed on your choice of dates as private tours.

All our South India Tour Packages include visits to the main tourist attractions in each city, as well as many opportunities to observe local color and customs. You will explore the major monuments in each South Indian city, and also get to see everyday life while staying at the best Hotels in South India, at both our upscale and luxury tour levels.

There are also specialized South India Temple Tours available upon request. You can add other destinations and experiences before and/or after the small group tours. If you desire something different, please visit our build your own tour page and let us put together a custom tour of South India for you.

The geography, climate, and culture of Southern India is very different from the North. The weather remains warm throughout most of the year in much of the this region, and balmy in the coastal regions and beautiful beaches. There are higher elevation parts of the spectacular Western Ghats that are always cool, and the historic state of Karnataka, which remain cool throughout most of the summer, and is thus great destination for summer.

North India bore the brunt of countless invasions over thousands of years, while the southern regions of the country were insulated from much of this. Because of this, Hinduism in its truest form is found here, and the popular South India Temple Tours are both an architectural journey and a cultural discovery.

Private South India Tours

Small Group Tours that include South India

We have 10 offices in India and our South India Head Office is in Kochi. When you contact our US Sales Office, you will talk to people who have traveled extensively in South India and are passionate about what the Deccan Plateau has to offer. They will discuss your preferences and make suggestions based on personal experience. Unlike 98% of our competition (who are middlemen that sell the whole world), we are true India Specialists and we personally facilitate your explorations.

Tour South India as it was meant to be discovered. We can assist you in putting together a custom itinerary that is designed around your preferences, or you can select from our Collection of All India and South India Tours

Our South India Tours include visits to South India's main tourist attractions, as well as many opportunities to observe local color and customs. You will explore the major monuments and also get to see everyday life. You have the option to stay in South India’s finest luxury or boutique hotels and get to mix with the locals.

You can add other destinations and attractions before and/or after our South India tours. South India offers some great coastal resorts (including a few amazing islands) as well as Ayurvedic centers. If you desire something different, please call us so we can discuss your preferences, or you can visit our build your own tour page and tell us what you want to experience so we can put together a custom proposal for you.

Discover South India from where the lush Deccan plateau takes over, dominating southern India. Experience the Ghats, where the plateau descends to meet the mostly virgin beaches and warm waters of coastal Indian resorts like Goa and Kochi (Cochin).

Learn about Ayurveda or get treatments from the best Ayurvedic centers in the world. Visit Mumbai (Bombay), the bustling city that houses the largest and most prolific motion picture industry in the world.

The geography, climate, and culture of Southern India is very different from the North. The Deccan Plateau is home to lush plantations, farms, and jungles; it descends into hundreds of miles of warm and beautiful beaches. There is magnificent traditional Hindu architecture, art and handicrafts.

The awe inspiring temples let you discover Hinduism in its purest form. In a nation where religion is interwoven with almost every activity, Southerners tend to be even more pious and God-fearing. Religious festivals and events occur all through the year. This is why South India Temple tours are so popular. Explore ornate palaces (like the Mysore Palace) that exhibit wealth rivaling the most elaborate royal palaces of Europe. There are many regional handicrafts available; as well as the opportunity to observe local color and rituals.

Kerala is advertised as God’s own country. It’s amazing scenery and friendly locals will captivate you. The 100% literacy and lack of poverty make it unique among Indian states. It has a large Christian population and our Kerala tours include visits to one or more historic churches that are full of architectural and cultural significance.

Kerala’s largest city, Kochi (Cochin), has something to delight every explorer. It is known as The Queen of the Arabian Sea, among other names, and has been the center of the world’s spice trade for many millennia. The nearby backwaters of Kerala are an amazing cultural and scenic destination, bordered by a lush collection of islands, capes, and mainland connected by an elaborate yet intricate system of ferries and bridges. 

Although it has monuments left over from ancient cultures, the city of Chennai (Madras) as we currently know it was founded by the British in the early 17th century. In the 2nd century AD, Greek geographer Ptolemy described Mylapore (part of modern Chennai, located south of Marina Beach) as a prosperous port. The Kapaleswara temple and San Thome Cathedral are both located in this part of Chennai, are well worth a visit and are a part of our Chennai tours. The various monuments in the sleepy little UNESCO World Heritage community of Mahabalipuram are a necessary part of any comprehensive South India tour.